Sunglasses Care + Protection

Front view. PCH Brown Hexagonal Sunglasses. Premium Italian acetate. Green lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision. Dirt trail with mountains behind.

Store sunglasses in a cool and dry place. Humidity can form rust on metal portions. 

Avoid placing sunglasses where you might expect excessive heat, such as a hot car. This can deform lens coatings and the acetate portion of your frames. 

Dirt and dust can form on your sunglasses from normal wear. Use only the microfiber cloth provided for regular cleaning to avoid damage, including scratches on lenses. For more stubborn debris, you may apply warm water to the microfiber cloth. 

Do not expose your sunglasses to abrasive chemicals or detergents. This includes alcohol-based cleaners. 

The anti-scratch treatment on your lenses is designed to reduce impact from light scratching, however more abusive scratching can damage the coating and cause visible marks. 

Store sunglasses in hard case provided for better protection. 

Sunglasses are not designed to protect person wearing against all injury. Sunglasses are not unbreakable. 

Do not use sunglasses in poor light conditions or night driving.  

Do not view sun directly while wearing sunglasses.